As one of the oldest printing companies in the country, with more than half a century of experience, we have taken up the challenge of modernization by supporting technological, biometric and IT progress in all sectors. For this purpose, a subsidiary specializing in intelligent technology has been created within our own establishment, in collaboration with pioneering partners in their fields.


Conquer other international markets while being ready to seize any opportunity, following the path of smart growth.

Our solution tree

Advanced IT infrastructure

  • Servers / Storage / Virtualization
  • Converged infrastructure
  • Software licenses
  • Continuity and availability of activities
  • Security
  • Management of IT services and operations
  • Personal / client computing
  • Cloud computing

Networks and Telecommunications

  • Structured cabling
  • Routing and switching
  • Cloud infrastructure
  • Network management / optimization
  • Internet security
  • Voice and IP telephony
  • Video conference
  • Unified communications

Site and power

Data center and disaster recovery site

  • Fire alarm, protection and fight
  • CCTV, access control and public address
  • Racks, containment and structured cabling
  • Precision cooling
  • UPS systems
  • Management of the data center infrastructure. (DCIM)

Site and feed solutions

  • UPS systems
  • Distribution and control of electrical energy
  • Structured cabling
  • Industrial batteries
  • Telco DC power supply

Imaging and printing

  • Printers / multifunction
  • Copiers
  • Production printers
  • Large format printers
  • Managed printing services
  • 3D printers and scanners
  • Laser engraving and cutting
  • Photo and video systems

Enterprise Solutions

  • Converged billing
  • Customer service
  • Income insurance
  • Fraud management
  • Credit risk management
  • Profitability

Banking solutions

Basic banking services

  • Corporate, Retail & Private Banking
  • Mobile banking and Internet
  • Asset-liability management
  • Risk management and profitability
  • Loan & Collection
  • Electronic signature
  • National payment system
  • Master Card, Visa Card
  • Checks

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

  • Payment hub | Transaction change
  • Management of debit / credit cards
  • Instant card issuance
  • Fraud management
  • Reconciliation and cash management
  • Software simulation and stress tests
  • Tokenization of mobile payments – Reconciliation & Cash Management
  • Software Simulation & Stress Testing
  • Mobile Payment Tokenization

Telecommunications solutions

  • Convergent Billing
  • Customer Care
  • Revenue Assurance
  • Fraud Management
  • Credit Risk Management
  • Profitability

Call center services

  • Telesales and account management
  • Customer service
  • IT support

Services Cloud

  • Service models
  • Infrastructure, platform, software
  • Deployment scenarios
  • Private, public, hybrid cloud
  • Highly secure data centers
  • Hybrid catering solution for clients legal and compliance requirements
  • Scalability and high availability
  • Managed services
  • Custom SLAs

Call center services

  • Telesales and account management
  • Customer service
  • IT support